Excerpt from Boyfriend from Hell



Pocket, release date 9/25/2012

The old Escort was accelerating like a rocket launcher—right at me.

I froze so long I could see Max’s eyes narrowed in fury and his fingers clenched white-knuckled on the steering wheel.

My boyfriend was trying to kill me!

Shocked into action, I dived for the protection of the concrete bus stop bench. With as much anguish as fear, I screamed, “Damn you, Max!”

The heat of the engine was almost upon me as I fell to the sidewalk behind the bench on already bruised knees.

At the pain, I automatically cried, “Damn you to hell!”

The rusted Escort slammed into the light pole where I’d just been standing. I shivered and huddled in the protection of the bench. In horror, I watched as the pole cracked and the car kept on going, careening into the bank’s brick wall. Metal and mortar flew.

I felt the impact of a small earthquake.

Scrambling backward, I could only stare in alarm as the cracked light pole split in two, teetered ominously, and then tilted. Snapping under the tension, live wires crackled and sparked-igniting the gas from the shattered car in a ball of fire that engulfed the Escort.

With Max inside it.

I screamed. And screamed some more.