Tina Clancy here, and I think being that sword-wielding goddess in the corner would be easier than my no-rule-book job as a Saturn’s Daughter. I may no longer be a penniless four-eyed cripple—I now actually have my own law office—but good eyes and the clientele of Baltimore’s chemically-enhanced disaster Zone aren’t conducive to delusions of grandeur. I’m lucky to buy gas for the Harley.

My invisible granny’s claim that I was born under some weird conjunction of Saturn with a few stray asteroids is turning out to be dangerously accurate. The word is that the closer I get to my twenty-seventh birthday, the stronger my thirst for justice becomes. I turn twenty-six this December and so far, my intolerance for bullies has racked up a weird reputation for—literally—blowing things out of proportion. Conjuring tornadoes and sending my boyfriend to hell and bringing him back as a United States senator blows my mind anyway. Now, if only I could wish myself to a real holiday destination for a change, this Saturn gig might be worth something.

So far, all I’ve done is create red-hatted garden gnomes and set loose a mob of do-gooders demanding justice for the homeless who are about to lose their encampment on the harbor.

My sexy, now Senator, ex-boyfriend has ticked off his grandmother’s evil ghost, and a mad doctor believes he’ll cure the world by bulldozing the zone off the map, while saunas are sprouting like mushrooms on environmentally hazardous ground. Merry Christmas to me.

Which leaves me trying to figure out whether my drop-dead sexy client, Andre Legrande, is a gift-wrapped present or a stocking full of coal. Oh— and I may have just accidentally opened a gateway to Hell.

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“Unlike many down-on-their-luck heroes who never seem to suffer, Quaid’s characters are genuinely desperate, lending a real sense of danger and urgency. Without a vampire, werewolf, or fallen angel to be seen, this strong debut is a pleasantly fresh
take [on the genre].”

Publishers Weekly

“Quaid jumps into the urban fantasy genre with a bang.. . . She quickly establishes a unique cast of characters, full of flaws and mystery. There is plenty of humor, wild action, and vigilante justice in this truly excellent beginning of the Saturn’s Daughter series.”

RT Book Reviews

“Fast paced and action packed entertainment . . .A fun read . . . wonderfully crafted.”

Seeing Night Book Reviews

“Engaging and energetic . . . Sexy, fun, and dangerous are perfect words to describe this book.”

Books, Bones & Buffy

“Action-packed from beginning to end, sparkled with a great dose of humor.”

Tynga’s Reviews

“A quirky romp of a ride . . . A cute twist on the paranormal genre.”

Night Owl Sci-Fi


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